Progressive values of GAJ


We are passionate about building a culture of success that encourages and facilitates excellence in products and services through innovation and continuous progress. We strive for perfection.


We are committed in acting and taking decisions in a manner that is fair and honest. Following and recognized for the highest standards of professionalism. Honesty does not only mean financial and intellectual honesty for us, but encompasses every other aspect as is commonly known. We honour our commitments.

Trust and Support

We take the task of winning and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders seriously. We believe in one another with mutual respect and nurture transparent and honest communication. We take pride in promises and create a responsible environment of freedom.


We are sincerely involved in our ties and use humility to meet and appreciate the needs of stakeholders and are ready to help better everyone's lives. We observe, understand and assist by working connecting personally with each other, working together as a family. We are compassionate towards our communities and environment by demonstrating humane touch in the way we work.


 We empower, inspire and respect people. We support each other and work freely together. All thoughts are welcomed and diversity and insights are valued.


We aim for a strong, intuitive emotional commitment to the organization, that enables every person to work happily and to inspire them to do their best. We strive for  voluntary, spontaneous and unwavering pursuit of goals and priorities with the highest degree of commitment and excitement.