Why Gaj Cement?

Our company GAJ is leading the way in efficiency. Afters few years of manufacturing cement we learned about consistently delivering products of quality. GAJ Cement is being manufactured by superior quality of Raw materials, Quality Control by experienced Engineers, and in fully automated plant certified by ISO and BIS, GAJ ensures quality Cement which is equal or better than so called popular or branded cement present now a days in market. We are passionate about building a culture of success that encourages and facilitates excellence in products and services through innovation and continuous progress. We strive for perfection.

Our Cement has been used for construction of residential and commercial places successfully across Eastern India. When it comes to choosing to protect your families and your loved ones, we remain the preferred brand for our customer. GAJ’s cement has been subject to time checks not by chance but solely because our structures, processes and raw materials have been adequately handled with due care and attention. The products that we sell will therefore always meet and surpass local and national expectations-this is our pledge of quality. We strive to improve efficiency, reliability, quality and creativity continuously. We make

sure to provide best quality cement at most value for money rates, we assure that all our production set up is certified and follow BIS Standard , enabling us to provide fresh cement i.e Tataka Cement.